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Hi, I’m Steph, and I work with entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants who want to write brilliant books in their niche to showcase their expertise, build their credibility and grow their business.

Why work with me? Well, I’ve published six non-fiction books, one of which was a Finalist in the 2023 Business Book Awards, so I know a thing or two about writing transformational books that can have an incredible impact on people’s lives.

We can all remember a book that transformed our view of the world. One that nestled itself deep within our hearts and minds. One that we refer back to again and again.

I support aspiring authors to write exactly that book – an unforgettable book – while also positioning themselves as thought leaders and experts in their field.

Where are you on your book writing journey?

Discover the different ways to work with me, depending on where you’re at!

“If you want to push yourself to write a book, I would definitely recommend working with Steph!”

Jeanette Forder
Menopause Expert and Executive Coach

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Learn more about the writing and publishing process by listening to the Creating Happy Writers podcast. With weekly episodes full of tips about all aspects of being an author, as well as advice from other writers and publishing professionals, you’ll have just the companion you need to accompany you on your writing journey.

“Steph is the best person to speak with if you want to write a non-fiction book. She’s made the entire process feel much clearer and more achievable. I’d highly recommend!”

Vicki Weinberg
Product Creation Consultant and Author of 'Bring Your Product Idea to Life'

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If you’re keen to get started with your book and would love to have a handy companion by your side while you do it, grab a copy of Dare to Write. It’s a book about how to write a book – very meta. It was also a finalist in the Business Book Awards 2023, so you can be sure it’s full of the good stuff.