5 Essential Marketing Tips for Self-Published Authors

As a self-publishing author, you’re probably after some essential marketing tips you need to get your book out into the hands of readers as successfully as possible. 

 Well, you’re in luck! 

 This blog post is written by marketing expert, Shona Chambers. Not only is Shona a marketing whizz, but she’s also a successful self-published author in her own right too, having written 100 Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners, in 2020.

 In this post, she gives you some quick and simple tips you can start using right away to get your marketing strategy up and running.

Essential marketing tips for self-published authors

You’ve written a book. Congratulations! I hope it sells really well for you and helps lots of people, as well as showcasing your skills and experience within your industry.  

As the author of your book, you’ve probably spent months with your work, and know it inside out. So how do you help potential customers to get to the same place quickly?

Here are five marketing tips that will help you sell your book and build interest in your work from your ideal customer.

1 – Make a list of anyone helpful

You have a book out so now is not the time to be shy. Make a list of everyone you know that may have marketing assets they are prepared to share with you.

Do you know people with social media followings that are relevant to your book?  Arrange a social media live, or ask if they will post about your book.

What about weekly or monthly mailings you receive from people who write about topics of interest to your ideal customer? Ask if you could get a mention or sponsor a post, whatever it is that works for that newsletter.

Are there any podcast’s that you could get a mention on? Lots of small business owners run podcasts these days, and they are just as useful to you as getting onto a big name podcast because of the relevancy of the audience.

2 – Create a talk to sell your book

If you look at some of the top-performing TED talks, they’re often authors giving a talk that directly relates to a book. You don’t have to do a TED talk, but why not? TEDx is a grassroots organisation that exists in many local areas. You could approach them if your book is relevant and you can create a talk from it.

Look at the main points in your book – do you have a great model that’s easy to explain to lots of people? (Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle for example) Base your talk around a few key points from your book and then pitch it to relevant organisations.

I would look at networking groups, people who run masterminds, WI groups, colleges and universities with a focus on business too. Anywhere that offers exposure and has your ideal customer is a great option.

3 – Join book-based communities

There are some great places to get involved in a community on the internet. 

Bookstagram is one of them. Hop onto Instagram and search the hashtag #bookstagram and you’ll be overwhelmed with people talking books. Spend some time there and see which people might consider reviewing your book in exchange for a free copy.

With some social media exposure, a post/shares onto stories, you can gain some great organic social media exposure and maybe make some new friends.

4 – Create a lead magnet using your mailing list

If you have a mailing list then why not offer a free chapter of your book as an incentive to sign up? Don’t be scared about giving away a free chapter either, it’s a sample of your work and if people like it, it’s a great way to attract more sales. 

Plus have the honour of being a name in someone’s inbox that they actually want to see!

5 – Create a community with fellow authors

You can go a lot faster with other people. Find other authors that are at a similar stage to you and team up. Cross-promote each other’s books and help them out on social media. 

 This is not just done in the small business world – you only have to look at social media to see big-name authors promoting each other. It stands to reason that if someone has written a good book, you want to be associated with it. 

I hope these tips have been useful for you!

If you’re after some more marketing and PR ideas, grab a copy of my latest book, Dare to Write – there are plenty of tips to help you launch and market your book successfully.

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