Hey! I’m Steph

I’m an author, writing coach and developmental editor based in the UK

I’ve been writing for over ten years and have published six books – one of which – Dare to Write – was a Finalist in the Business Book Awards 2023.

Before Creating Happy Writers, I was a teacher – reaching the lofty heights of Deputy Headship and publishing three books for Early Career Teachers. Realising how much I loved writing, I came to my senses and started my business. Life’s too short for what-ifs!

As well as working wincrediblesome entrepreneurs, coaches and therapists to write business or self-help books in their niche, I’m also a copywriter, helping brands share their message with the world in a way that resonates.

When I’m not typing away, you can find me walking my dog, Flo, or spending hours in my local stationery shop, gazing at the notebooks and pretending I can’t see my husband tapping his watch.

My mission: to coach and mentor female entrepreneurs to find confidence and joy in the craft of writing, supporting them to write unforgettable books in their niche, which have a profound impact on their readers’ lives – and their own.

So, why should you work with me?

I’ve been where you are now

with a spark of an idea but unsure how to put it into words, so you can rest assured that I’m fully committed to the process. I’ve got first-hand experience of taking a book (or six) from concept to launch – and beyond! I’ve been fortunate to work with a Sunday Times Bestselling author, so I know what it takes to get a book to the top of the charts.

My years of writing have enabled me to develop a system and a structure that works,

banishing the blank page and providing you (and your reader) with a clear path that’s reassuring and uplifting. Your readers will not only love your book but will experience a transformation that will change their lives.

Teaching is in my bones

so you can be sure I’ve got what it takes to help you complete your book at a pace that suits you, as well as provide the kind of constructive feedback which brings both clarity and motivation.

I’m passionate about championing female voice

particularly as female writers are sorely underrepresented in the business book world – and bringing greater diversity and representation through the power of books.

Want to learn even more?

I’ve not always loved writing. I’m not someone who knew my calling while floating in the womb. What I have always loved, though, is reading. During my childhood, I always had my nose in a book.

My love of writing came later…when I decided I wanted to write a children’s book. And so began my writing journey. Years (and hundreds of thousands of words) later, here I am with six non-fiction books under my belt and a novel in progress.

At the end of 2020, I decided to get laser-focused on helping others achieve their writing goals – and so Creating Happy Writers was born. So now not only do I get to write all day, but I help others to write too – and feel happy about it! Winning.

I’m also the host of the Creating Happy Writers podcast, a show that helps aspiring writers learn more about what it takes to write a business book, as well as the opportunity to listen to how others have written theirs too.

And now the juicy bits…

When I’m not writing, I’m likely to be:

  • Reading a book with a cup of tea and a custard cream
  • Walking Flo and listening to a podcast
  • Wondering how I’m suddenly a mother of two teenage boys
  • Putting the world to rights with my girlfriends over a coffee

A few of my favourite things:

  • Sour sweets – Sourpatch Kids are my favourite
  • Stationery – I have an unhealthy number of notebooks in my office
  • Cherry beer – I’d consider moving to Brussels because they have it on tap
  • Good TV – hello Line of Duty, Schitt’s Creek and any Scandi crime series
  • My husband’s cooking – no shit, he’s awesome

So fancy working with me?

If you’re ready to write a book you can fgenuinelyruly proud of, why not set up a Discovery Call, and we can chat about how I can help you?