At The End

You’ve made it!
After all those months of hard work, you’re ready to publish your non-fiction book.

Cue the sound of corks popping and launch party planning. It’s time to put your feet up. Or is it?

Getting to the end of writing a book is a seriously brilliant achievement. It really is. In fact, out of the 97% of people who start out writing a book, only 3% get to the end. And even fewer actually publish the bloomin’ thing – well, 0.06% but let’s not get pedantic.

Finishing your final draft really is a time for celebration, so take the time to embrace how far you’ve come. You’re officially part of the 3% – and that’s not to be sniffed at, I promise you!

But before the champagne bubbles go to your head too much, it’s time to think about what happens next.

Either before you hit publish or immediately after.

And that’s where I can help you.

From my experience, authors fall into two camps.

  • Some get to the end of writing their non-fiction book and realise they need some support to get their manuscript into the best shape possible before publishing it.
  • Others have done that bit and are now faced with the prospect of promoting it so their readers actually want to buy it.

Either way, the hard work doesn’t end when you finish your final draft.

Some say it’s only just beginning.

If you’re in this position, please don’t panic or blame yourself. If it’s your first book-writing rodeo, you can’t expect to know the process inside out. Even published authors can forget the hard graft that comes with the territory.

As an experienced editor and social media strategist, I’m here to help you get your book into the best shape possible and, most importantly, into the hands of your expectant readers.

From developmental editing to social media consulting and copywriting, I can support you as you head towards publication and beyond.

Book in for a free, 30-minute consultation and let’s see how I can help you.

Or, if you want to know your options before we chat (or you’re just a bit nosey like me), you can find out more about the services I offer.

Launch clinic

looking for advice and support on how to talk about and promote your book on social media? This is the service for you. With the experience of supporting a 5x Sunday Times Bestseller through his book launches, you can be sure I’ve got the ideas to help you.

“If you want to push yourself to write a book, I would definitely recommend working with Steph!”

Jeanette Forder
Menopause Expert and Executive Coach

So fancy working with me?

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