Foundations: Group Programme

Craft Your Business Book Outline in 8 Weeks

As a knowledgeable entrepreneur or coach, you know the impact a business book could have on your brand—helping you showcase your expertise and establish your authority.

Yet, the journey of turning those ideas into a well-structured narrative can be perplexing!

Luckily for you, that’s where my 8-week Foundations group programme steps in, offering a steady guide through the art of outlining—a fundamental element in every successful business book.

In business, a well-crafted book opens doors to credibility and new possibilities. However, crafting it requires more than just inspiration; it demands strategic planning.

Welcome to Foundations, where clarity meets certainty. Over our 8 weeks together, we’ll work to unfold the roadmap to your book.

How to plan your business book – the Foundations programme

No doubt, when you think about writing a business book, you feel a mixture of emotions. Excitement, yes, but also a sense of overwhelm and confusion about the process.

And that’s all perfectly normal. After all, you’ve never written a book before, so why would you know the best way to put one together?

The Foundations programme is designed to help you learn the core pillars of what makes a successful business book – and then support you to plan and outline it. And the group bit? Well, that’s so you can feel part of a small community of like-minded women who are all starting their book-writing journey, too. 

No more staring at a blank screen. No more confusion over what to write and when. Instead, you’ll have clarity, certainty and confidence in the book you’re writing. 

And as someone who’s written seven books – one of which was a Business Book Awards Finalist in 2023 – I’m in a great position to guide you on your journey and teach you all you need to know about how to write a business book that people actually want to read!

What you can expect from completing this 8-week experience

You’ll learn the three core pillars of a successful business book:


  1. A well-defined book idea – gain a crystal-clear understanding of your book idea, developing a well-defined concept that sets the foundation for your book.
  2. Reader Connection – understand who your reader truly is, creating a book that resonates with your audience and gives them the knowledge and transformation they seek.
  3. Structural Mastery – learn how to structure your book effectively, developing a solid blueprint, chapter by chapter, ensuring a cohesive and engaging narrative.

But that’s not all! You’ll also benefit from:


  • Greater Confidence

Overcome overwhelm and confusion in the writing process, approaching your writing with confidence and certainty.

  • Community Support

Join a small, like-minded community, experiencing support, encouragement, and shared progress, eliminating the isolation of writing.

  • Expert Guidance

Receive insights from a seven-times published author, learning essential strategies to write a business book that captivates readers.

  • Flexible Learning

Access training videos at your own pace, diving into the learning materials whenever it suits your schedule, enhancing your writing between coaching sessions.

  • Live Q&A Sessions

Participate in fortnightly group coaching calls via Zoom*, getting personalised answers to your questions and overcoming challenges in real time.

  • Continuous Support

Access a weekly Voxer chat, seeking clarity and guidance throughout the week, ensuring steady progress in your book-writing journey.

*All live sessions are recorded, so if you can’t attend, you’ll still be able to access the session and watch it back.

“If you want your book writing experience to be enjoyable, efficient and FUN, work with Steph. She’ll make sure you know what you’re doing at every stage and make it her personal mission to ensure the book you write is something you feel really proud of. I couldn’t recommend working with her more highly.”

Sara Dalrymple
Sales Expert and Bestselling Author of 'More Sales Please'

Foundations – The Essential Info

During the 8 weeks, you’ll complete three modules:

Module 1: Your Book Idea – building on your initial concept and getting clarity on exactly what you’re going to write. 

Module 2: Your Ideal Reader – get to know who you’re writing for and why. You’ll complete an ideal reader avatar and really dive deep into the psychographics behind the real reason they need – and want – your book.

Module 3: Your Book Structure – this is the key part of the book-writing process. Without it, you’ll soon feel lost when writing your first draft. This maps out your book clearly, so you know the order of your chapters and what you’re writing in each one.

We’ll have one Zoom call to focus on each module – plus a BONUS Q+A call at the end of the course. You’ll also have access to a weekly Voxer chat – every Wednesday from 9am-5pm.


The 8-week Foundations programme costs £900 in one payment or £450 in two payments.

⭐️ Current EARLYBIRD offer for Foundations is £650 – or 2x instalments of £325. Ends April 30th 2024 
⭐️ Additional BONUS – Structure Review – at the end of the course, once you’ve completed your book structure overview, you’ll get a review from Steph in a FREE 30-minute feedback call.

The programme takes place four times throughout the year – in September, January, March and May.

The next cohort begins on Monday, 20th May 2024.  Book your place NOW! 

“Steph is the best person to speak with if you want to write a non-fiction book. She’s made the entire process feel much clearer and more achievable. I’d highly recommend!”

Vicki Weinberg
Product Creation Consultant and Author of 'Bring Your Product Idea to Life'

Foundations FAQs

Q: What is the Foundations Programme?

A: Foundations is an 8-week group programme to help you plan and outline your business/non-fiction book. It guides you, step-by-step, through the process and gives you access to live coaching/mentoring with Steph. It also offers the accountability of a group setting.

Q: Who is it for?

A: The Foundations programme is for female entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants or therapists who want to write a book in their niche to showcase their expertise and grow their business but are unsure how to start. It’s for first-time or aspiring business book/self-development authors who would like support with their initial idea and how to structure it.

Q: What is included in the group programme?

A: You will have access to a library of training materials to help you learn how to plan, structure and outline your book. You’ll also be able to attend fortnightly LIVE group coaching sessions so you can ask any questions you may have or seek support for a particular aspect of the writing process. Finally, you’ll have access to a group Voxer chat to help with accountability and support – it’s available every Wednesday during business hours.

Q. How many people are in the group at any one time?

A. The maximum number in the group is eight – this gives people enough opportunity to ask questions during the live 60-minute coaching sessions and be allocated a fair amount of time for answers.

Q: What if someone in the group has the same book idea as me?

A: I know this can be a worrying prospect, but I’d like to reassure you that it is IMPOSSIBLE for someone to write exactly the same book as you. Yes, some of the themes may be similar, but your approach and strategies are unique. If you think of all the books on the shelves in a bookshop, many are on the same topic, but each tackles that topic differently. That being said, I always try to keep books that are really similar in different cohorts. First come, first served in this instance.