Writing Inspiration Power Hour

Wondering if your book idea has potential? Stuck on a particular section and need some inspiration?

My Power Hour can help you find inspiration for your book-writing journey.

Writing a book can transform your business. It opens the door to opportunities and possibilities you can’t begin to imagine. A book puts you on the map as an expert in your niche – heck, maybe even the go-to expert in your niche.

It enables you to showcase your knowledge, experience and expertise in one place.

But writing a business book takes a lot of work, so you want to be sure it’s a project worth pursuing, particularly as you’re a busy entrepreneur with a business to run.

Your book also has to be good. It has to put your readers at the centre of everything, speaking to their challenges and providing them with a solution that gives them the transformation they seek.

So it’s natural to feel a little uncertain whether the idea has merit! It’s also completely normal to get stuck and need some inspiration!

How a Power Hour can help you

A Writing Inspiration Power Hour gives you the opportunity to talk to an experienced, published author, either about your book idea or how to move forward if you’re feeling stuck and frustrated!

These sessions are bespoke to you. I’m here to help you and listen. Not to judge or criticise. So try not to feel anxious about it because I know we’ll develop something incredible together.

All ideas are starting points. You might come to the Power Hour with one idea but leave with another. Or you might simply leave feeling more confident in where you need to go next with your manuscript.

What exactly does the Power Hour include?

The Writing Inspiration Power Hour is a 60-minute session to discuss your book idea or to get support with how to move forward if you’re part-way through.

As each session is bespoke and tailored to your specific needs, it’s impossible to say exactly what we’ll discuss. But usual topics include:

  • Your idea and how it could be transformed into a book, including how you could use current content to avoid facing the blank page!
  • Publishing options for you to consider and timelines you could work towards – even if you’re self-publishing, this is important to think about so your book gets out into the world!
  • Where you might be feeling stuck and why – we can brainstorm ways to move the manuscript forward so you can make it to the end.

Before the session, you’ll fill in a short questionnaire to help me understand more about your situation.

You are welcome to record the call, so you can return to it as often as you like.

A Writing Inspiration Power Hour costs £300.

To book a session, please click the button below – you’ll then receive an email to book a time that works for you!