Dare to Write

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Writing a book in your niche provides you with so many opportunities to grow your business, as well as raising your profile to expert status. But it often feels overwhelming. How do you know if your idea is a good one? Where do you even begin? What should the structure be?

Questions everyone has when they decide to write a book, so you’re not alone.

In Dare to Write, Steph Caswell takes you through the whole process of writing your non-fiction book. From developing your idea and creating your outline, to working with editors and publishing your work, she guides you on a step-by-step journey from start to finish.

This book gives you indispensable advice on how to structure your work, so it appeals to your audience, as well as tips on launching and marketing your book. It also includes chapters on developing your writer’s mindset and establishing consistent writing habits to ensure your book gets finished.

Practical, inspiring and with a touch of humour, Dare to Write gives you the confidence and the skills to create, write and publish your non-fiction book. Let’s showcase your expertise!

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