The Book Clinic

Are you ready to write a business book but need some support with how to put it together?

A book is a brilliant way to grow your business, showcase your expertise and become a thought leader in your field.

It’s also a fantastic way to share your unique message, as well as your knowledge and perspective, with a wider audience in a way that brings value to your readers.

So it’s essential to get the structure right.

If you’ve never written a business book before, this can feel incredibly overwhelming, and you no doubt feel frustrated – after all, you have an exciting idea for a book; you just don’t know how to write it!

How The Book Clinic can help you

It’s perfectly normal to feel all these things when starting your book-writing journey. But they become a problem when they stop you from writing your book AT ALL!

That’s where the Book Clinic comes in.

Helping you to create an outline for your business book or self-help book so that it:

  • Takes the reader on a journey of transformation – be it new knowledge and understanding or motivation and support to change. Or both!
  • Is structured in a logical way that delivers on its promise and keeps the reader engaged and entertained.
  • Fully showcases your skills and expertise to cement your authority as a thought leader in your niche and grow your business.

For your business book to succeed, you need a strong plan and outline. Not only does this make the writing process more manageable, but it also creates a book that’s unputdownable.

As the author of six books – including one that was a Business Book Awards Finalist in 2023 – I know what works when structuring a business book.
And I can help you with yours.

“I did a Book Clinic with Steph, and finally, after years of procrastination, I came away with a solid book idea, a plan, a structure and an outline. Steph was so encouraging and broke down the steps so it wasn’t overwhelming. I’m now excited and don’t have to look at a blank page when I’m writing!”

Ruth Gilbey
Business and Marketing Coach

The Book Clinic investment

The Book Clinic costs £799, which includes both 90-minute Zoom sessions and two weeks of follow-up via Voxer.

Payment plans are available.

Optional add-on:

For continued support and feedback while writing your book, you can add a block of mentoring sessions to your Book Clinic. Each session is once a month and lasts for 60 minutes.

The prices below are for the Book Clinic and additional mentoring as one package:

  • Book Clinic + 3 x monthly mentoring sessions = £1650 (or 3 x instalments of £550)
  • Book Clinic + 6 x monthly mentoring sessions = £2550 (or 6 x instalments of £425)

So, if you’re ready to stop thinking about writing a business book and actually start writing it, join me for a Book Clinic today!

The Book Clinic FAQs

Q: What is The Book Clinic?

A: The Book Clinic helps business book writers or self-help authors to create their book outlines so they have a clear structure with which to write their books and feel less overwhelmed.

Q: Who is it for?

A: The Book Clinic is for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants or therapists who want to write a  book in their niche and become an established, credible authority – and grow their business.

Q: What’s included in The Book Clinic service?

A: You will get 2×90-minute sessions with an experienced, published author to learn book outlining techniques, as well as the best book structure and layout for YOUR book. Each session is bespoke to your idea and the outcome you want for your readers.

Q: Will my manuscript be kept confidential?

A: Yes, I understand the importance of confidentiality and will keep your manuscript and all communication between us completely confidential. You will receive a contract to sign to legally protect your intellectual property and ideas.